Product Categories

GPS offers a complete line of Revenue control & High security card access systems. Our systems are complimented by a wide range of value added products from proven industry & technology partners.

Revenue Control Classes:

  1. Machine readable barcode ticket spitter
  2. SC-6 Parking Fee Computer, Fee Display, Validator, Barcode Scanner
  3. Time & Date ticket spitter
  4. Multi Flat Rate coin unit
  5. Coin, Credit Card, Bill acceptor unit (wireless)
  6. Token unit

Vehicle Access Control

GPS fabricates, manufactures and distributes a range of gates suitable for the highest security requirements starting with the:

  • GPS-112 barrier gate which offers up to a 12ft barrier arm
  • GPS-1195 which offers up to a 23FT (7 M) Aluminum arm
  • Manual gate that lifts an aluminum barrier arm from 10ft up to 24ft in length
  • Slide gates
  • Swing gates

Options for the GPS automatic barrier gates are:

  • Flashing light packages
  • Magnetic tip support
  • Adjustable tip support
  • Folding tip support
  • Internal safety edge
  • External Safety edge
  • Alarms, Buzzers, Sirens
  • Radio Receiver
  • Plug in module for up to 20 totalizers
  • Plug in Differential counter
  • Internal fan to remove condensation
  • Folding barrier arms
  • Wood barrier arms up to 12ft
  • Flat aluminum arms up to 12ft
  • 3 1/4” round aluminum arms up to 24ft

Card Access Control Systems

  1. 2 door & 4 door High security Card Access Systems for Military installations, Banks, Office Towers, Government buildings, Schools, Condominiums etc.
  2. Stand alone card readers and keypads
  3. Camera systems
  4. Proximity card readers
  5. Transponder systems